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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>>live and in hd, this is breaking news. >> breaking news is coming in from prince george's county. seven firefighters were hurt battling a fire. crews are working to determine what went wrong. this is unfolding in the 1600 block of 57 avenue in riverdale. >> will you are seeing behind me on 57 avenue. this was not a big fire, but it was burning heavily when firefighters arrived on the scene. things went very wrong inside the one story vacant house. they were inside working to knock down the fire when the blaze for some reason or another broke out a window in the house creating a backdraft.
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>> as firefighters made entry into the home and battling the braes, a rear window or door broke -- broke open-ended and it created a sudden rush of air. >> over top of the scene. all seven of the firefighters were transported to washington hospital center. they are listed in serious condition. as far as what caused the blaze they are working on that right now. >> thank you for that. our other top stories, and alert in fairfax community. after more than 100 students from one school are homesick with the flu. this is happening at willow spr ings elementary.
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ben eisler is there. >> parents say this to them by surprise. a lot of kids started throwing up in school. they wondered what was going on. >> i guess i feel like i am in a movie. every time we talk to another person somebody else was getting sick. >> they stayed up all light not -- they stayed up last night with their son and daughter. like or the 100 other students, it appeared their kids may have the norovirus. >> they were dropping like flies. >> parents say it largely struck the sixth grade. she spent the entire day cleaning the house. >> stripping everything they have been on and in lots of cleaning. >> the virus can only cause serious harm to infants and the elderly. it typically goes away in a couple of days. the county has seen more cases than usual this year. you can get it by touching a
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contaminated surface or sharing food with somebody who has it. >> hand washing is like to be the most important measure an individual can take. >> meanwhile, the children have already started to get better and they thank the school for handling the situation appropriately. >> to do not think it is something people need to be overly concerned about. >> we will probably never know where it came from. we do know some teachers have also come up with some virus. the school plans to do a thorough clean over the weekend. >> due at 11:00. a skier at a local high school after a gas leak left to -- a gas leak led to a number of students getting sick. they found a propane or -- at odor in the science wing. nine students were hospitalized.
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>> loved ones come together during an emotional vigil for a young man and father who was shot and killed execution-style. he was killed at the intersection of 10th and gallatin street. horace holmes is live. >> family and friends came together at the -- they came to remember a 19-year-old man working hard to provide for his son. >> we have to run right away to my and's house. i feel the pain. >> they are all dark -- they are all devastated and determined to let everyone know what happened here. he was passing out advertising fliers from his job to homes. he had been on the job at papa
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john's pizza parlor three weeks. it was just before 6:30 when somebody walked up and shot and killed him. >> he did not deserve any of this. his left that way to short. >> police are not sure why frankie was killed. his friends and family definitely cannot make sense of it either. >> there is no sense to be made of this. why does it have to happen? >> if you saw anything at all please just take a second to help out. my brother would have done it for you. >> and now we turn to the crime spree causing serious problems in northwest washington. it appears police have made significant progress to combat the surge of armed robbery is sweeping through the district. officers have made 155 arrests in robbery cases so far this year.
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according to their statistics, 46% jump from last year. 300 officers patrolling the streets reduced the chance of mugging. the district has had 670 reported robberies in the first two months of 2012. sources tell abc seven news over half of those arrested were juvenile. >> we are on storm watch tonight after a messy afternoon commute. for many of us the rain has moved out of the region. we have to keep a close eye on strong winds. bob ryan is here with a first look. >> while my forecast this survey was a bust for the high temperature, it was a really warm day. look at the wind gusts. still 41 miles per hour wind gusts out of martinsburg.
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windchill earlier with 75 in fredericksburg. it feels like it is 45 degrees. doppler is picking up what may be a few snow flurries. there will be since no doubt in the mountains of west virginia. wins earlier today were up to about 60 miles per hour. it will still be a chilly day coming up tomorrow. i will tell you about that. the d.c. the sunrise? i have it for you in time lapse. >> in the meantime let's get to the showdown at about who can marry and maryland it. martin o'malley will sign a bill legalizing same-sex marriages in a formal ceremony. this comes as opponents have already began online efforts to have a referendum on the november ballot. they are collecting 56,000 signatures to pull it off. also, he plans to raise the gasoline tax.
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two democratic lawmakers admitted that the bill will be tough to pass the general assembly. let's go to the story that the entire entertainment world is all getting excited and worked up about. the countdown to the academy awards. >> we are less than 48 hours away from the big night. we have a first look at what we can expect. >> here we are live from the plastic covered red carpet. >> protecting it. >> but we are here. i will tell you a couple of things that are different this year. the kodak theater is no more. when they announced the big oscar night, this will be coming from the hollywood and high land theater. i am told of the next few hours, they will be covering up
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kodak wherever it appears on the red carpet. >> no longer the sponsor. >> you can tell and the weather is going to be ok. when the weather is bad, there is a tent over the entire area. we are under the stars. >> it is very pleasant down here. it is a little chilly by california standards but by dc standards it feels absolutely lovely. we are loving it. come sunday, there will be celebrities. among them allowing county man. he is a former oscar nominee. he now lives here at los angeles. we talk about the roads from the d.c. area to l.a. and what lies beyond. >> when greg kelvy wrote and directed this film, his primary hope was to open people's eyes and hearts.
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>> the whole goal is to not only tell the proper storage arrays awareness about the fact slavery still exists and more so than ever before. >> the film was his graduate thesis project. never did he imagine it would win the film festival awards across the country. >> having the oscar nomination really lends credibility to the film. >> i have been able to partner with an international justice mission in washington d.c. and the have licensed -- to have taken the film and dubbed it into three different languages. >> it had allowed 10,000 school children, law enforcement, and government officials to see the film. >> the whole idea is to really engage people on an emotional level. that leads to action. >> a willingness to take action is the message he hopes other
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washington d.c. children will take from the story appeared >> i hope my story inspires others to follow passions and to think about how they can use gifts and talents to serve causes bigger than themselves. >> grade is going to be here on sunday. i should mention --greg is going to be here on sunday. his parents still live here and allowed in county per se >> maybe they are watching. we still have much more to come. >> i will give an inside look at all the swag celebrities are taking home. >> coming up on abc 7 is at 11:00, some do fall out from charlie sheen. why his >> rifle is in now in trouble with a lot. >> -- y his ex-wife is now in
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trouble with a lot. >> a virginia family is honoring one of its own. a marine pilot killed in a collision that took seven lives.
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>> tonight abc 7 has learned what of the seven marines who lost their lives has family living in fairfax county. >>thomas budrejko guided do it when he loved. >> his family says he was many things, an elite fighter pilot a dedicated husband and father. they knew the risks were always there. saying goodbye is not easy. >> he did what he wanted to do. he died flying. >> he loved three things -- the marines, flying for his country and his family. >> he was passionate for what he did. >> from the workliving room, they
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are still trying to comprehend the lost of their son. >> for him to have died in a accidence stateside -- it was very shocking. i cannot believe we're going through this. >> him and six other marines were killed when two helicopters collided wednesday night. nighttime maneuvers are difficult and complex using special goggles. >> these goggles have a very narrow field of view. it is not much more than you would look through a soda straw. >> the have not been told much. there may have been other factors. >> there was some dust in the area or sand in the air. >> the family is taking comfort from the pereiras and calls coming their way. -- from the pereiras and calls coming their way. >> he was a good pilot. i always thought he would make
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it back here. >> he was a great son. he was our hero. >> military investigators are trying to do to project military investigators are trying to determine why the collision happened. live in the newsroom, richard reeves. >> new at 11:00, fresh out of rehab. charlie sheen's ex-wife could go to jail. she has been charged with cocaine distribution. she was stopped by police in december after somebody reported she was insulted at a bar. she faces up to 18 months in jail. she is filing to fight the charges. >> new at 11:00, the queen of southern cuisine might be serving up a smaller many.
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this comes one month after being criticized after revealing she has diabetes after being a spokesperson for a diabetes drug. >> 70 figures from black history being honored at the "blacks in wax" program. each child represented a person who made significant contributions to african- american history. >> it they looked great out there. we saw so many images of them. they did such a good job. >> the were having so much fun. >> we had an interesting day. >> pretty much. >> 80 degrees, some thunderstorm and showers. i want to show you a spectacular sunsets. see those rays?
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what a wonderful -- we capture this every three or four seconds. just a spectacular and to what was a bit of a wild day. we never made it to what i thought was the mid 70's. our friends in fredericksburg did. our high today was 57 degrees. the pollen was way up there as well. tamara the wind chill will be about a 10th of today's pollen counts. -- to mauro the wind chill will be about a 10th of today's pollen count. let's get an idea of what is coming our way. the torch is 41 degrees. let me take you back to this time last night. detroit is 41 degrees. the moisture and cause or to the south. look at all the thunderstorms. a lot of reports of not only in
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south carolina of a tornado but up on the eastern shore, a couple of reports of damage. behind it is the wind. do you see those black lines sometimes see on the weather map? that is a pressure gradient to give you an idea of what is causing the wind. the tighter this is, the stronger the wind. tomorrow the year will be blowing on some gusty northwesterly winds. it will be cold with snow squalls out onto the mountains of west virginia. even though we will be into the 40's tomorrow, it will feel like it is into the 30's. a win the cold morning when you get up. 31 degrees. it might be even a passing snow flurry. some snow out in the mountains of west virginia. a chilly day in washington. temperatures in the 40's.
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the wind chill making it feel like it is in the 30's. as we head toward march, are you ready? it will be a little bit milder on monday and tuesday. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> capital fans have no more fingernails' matt -- no were fingernails' left. >> progress. remember the goalie? the 23-year-old who carried the capitals last season? he spent the majority of the season backing it up -- backing out, but he got the majority of time today. a pass in front to perot who does not square with his face this time but still it's the net.
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in the second half to build a lead it. such a fast skater. he helps get them further on the board. two-zero capital. 16 seconds later, this is the capital's we know and love. ovechkin for the slapper. that is icing on the cake. washington wins 4-1. as you will recall, he struck out 14 batters in his major- league debut. he hates all the attention. he went from being the most touted pitching processed project prospect in 2009 to rehabing in 2010. now, a normal spring training. there will be some pains. the general manager says he will have inning's limited. he will pitch his normal every fifth game so as not to prolong or exaggerate his season in recovery. there he is.
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he is back and he is loving it. >> the biggest difference is going out there and going through the normal drills. i am able to throw to first and second base. there is really no limitation. they are not worried about how far i go. i am another one of the guys. >> the lady terrapins came off another win topping duke in an emotionally charged game. could she help lead the charge tonight against north carolina? a substantial lead and there you go. hawkins kicking it out. she mails the three-pointer. maryland wins easily 84-64. let's go to the sunshine state. orlando for the all-star weekend. john wall throws and alley oop.
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